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Source Code Changes

Changes associated with API 16

  • The plugin api reference is changed from opencpn_plugin_110 to opencpn_plugin_116

Changes needed for the managed process

  • GetPluginDataDir is used instead of *GetpSharedDataLocation()

  • The plugin version (major/minor) are taken from the version number in CMakeLists.txt. The link is made by adding the include #include config.h to the main plugin src file.

  • The OpenCPN API version also comes from CMakeLists.txt. The functions GetAPIVersionMajor() and GetAPIVersionMinor() are edited accordingly.

Addition for MacOSX

  • wxInitAllImageHandlers(): Ensures the png image is recognised on the Mac

  wxFileName fn;

  auto path = GetPluginDataDir("TideFinder_pi");

  path = fn.GetFullPath();


  wxLogDebug(wxString("Using icon path: ") + path);
  if (!wxImage::CanRead(path)) {
      wxLogDebug("Initiating image handlers.");
  wxImage panelIcon(path);
  if (panelIcon.IsOk())
      m_panelBitmap = wxBitmap(panelIcon);
      wxLogWarning("TideFinder panel icon has NOT been loaded");

  m_bShowTideFinder = false;


Several source code files are involved in these changes, not just TideFinder_pi.cpp.

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