Github Actions

Github Actions (GA) are used to build flatpak plugins for the new runtime 20.08, and also for aarch64. These builds uses Leamas’s hardware and have restricted access. There are two options: disabling these builds or enabling them.

In any case: disable all actions in the Github UI, in Settings | Actions. GA will otherwise fail in each build, causing the dreaded 'failed' icon. If the Flatpak builds should not be configured, this is the only step necessary.

To enable and configure these builds:

  1. Request access to the builder, for example in a ticket to

  2. When approved, you will have write access in the group. In this group, create a private repository with a name similar, but not the same as the plugin repo. For example shipdriver-mike, related to the main repo shipdriver_pi. Keep the repo empty.

  3. Make the new repo a mirror copy of your own, something like

     $ git clone --bare
     $ cd old-repository.git
     $ git push --mirror
  4. Set up environments variables as required. These are called secrets and are configured in Settings | Secrets.

    • To enable Cloudsmith uploads: define CLOUDSMITH_API_KEY.

    • To enable the git push functionality as described in the git push page: define GIT_REPO and GIT_KEY_PASSWORD


  5. In the new repository, create a remote which refers to the old, something like

      $ cd new-repository
      $ git remote add upstream

This is the end of the initial setup. To actually make a build, import the changes from the old repo and push them to the new (the one in leamas-ga):

$ cd new-repository
$ git remote update upstream
$ git pull upstream master
$ git push origin master:master