Build Dependencies HOWTO

Before making a local build, build dependencies needs to be installed. This document tries to describe the procedures.


Before build, run the buildwin\win_deps.bat file. The file requires a working choco installation, see

The first run will install various software using choco, and should be invoked with administrative privileges.

Subsequent builds should still invoke the file, but it can be done with regular permissions.

A batch file has been found useful for modifying source code with Visual Studio 2017.


Install build dependencies using something like:

 $ sudo apt install devscripts equivs
 $ sudo mk-build-deps -ir build-deps/control
 $ sudo apt-get -q --allow-unauthenticated install -f


  • Install flatpak and flatpak-builder as described in

  • Install the opencpn flatpak package using latest official version on flathub:

      $ flatpak install --user flathub org.opencpn.OpenCPN

    Or use the provisionary beta repo at (mirrors master):

      $ flatpak install --user \

  • The shipdriver flatpak plugin can now be built and installed using

    $ cd build
    $ cmake ..
    $ make flatpak


Use the ci script, which just installs the build deps and configures when used in a non-CI environment:

$ ci/circleci-build-macos

After the initial run the build dependencies are in place and configured. Make for example the tarball using cd build; make tarball