CI: Advanced Debug Tips

How to use CI Tools: Appveyor

Bdbcat has responded to several questions, explaining how these features should be used.

1. How to get Alpha/Beta Testers familiar with Github and locating those compiled files?

      * When we are actually in Beta test, we will describe the process and condition of the CI artifacts.
      * We may use the artifacts then, but probably not.
      * We have enough trouble tracking issues with one "official" Beta location.
      * Using the almost daily updates of CI product for Beta testing would be a nightmare.
      * Best to think of the usefulness of CI as we are right now: In Alpha test of some new features, some of which features are known to be incomplete or even with known heinous errors.

2. Are these eventually going to be the source for the Website Downloads page?

      * No. The CI artifacts result from building the current github HEAD.
      * This, in general, will not be the same as the in-production Release point.


Testing a CI Product is like sneaking a spoon-sip of the dinner simmering on the stove while Mom is not looking. She knows it needs salt, and is way too hot to eat yet. If you drop dead immediately, she wants to know about it. Otherwise, she wants to not hear too many comments. Wait until it comes to the table. Meanwhile, go outside and play…​.


How CI Tools work

Using an example from Sean’s Weatherfax plugin.

For Windows, use Appveyor.

1. Go to Sean’s Weatherfax_pi github repository

2. Click on the Code Tab

Select the "Branch" you want to be on, most of the time it will be "master"


4. Find the most recent commit

Lets say it is "yet more inlines" from Feb 11 2018

5. Click on the Green Check at the end

A popup for the Continuous Integration Links for TravisCI and AppVeyor come up.


6. Click on AppVeyor "Details"

The page will come up with the "Console" Tab.


7. Click on the "Artifacts" Tab

To get to the download executable.


You should then be able to download the weatherfax_pi-1.8.001-win32.exe by clicking on it.