CI: Travis Encryption for Windows Dev

For Windows Developers

In order to get the new Plugin Installer working, you will need a TravisCI encryption of a Github Personnal token for your plugin.

Normally, if you were a Linux developer, you could install travisCI and make the encryption, however Windows Developers are generally not interested in installing a new OS in limited hardware space. This alternative does require about 1 gb but does not require a Linux installation.

  1. Installation instructions for the travis tool (written in ruby) are available at Travis CLI Tool

  2. Refer to and download and install the most recent Ruby. For me, Ruby+Devkit 2.6.X (x64). Do not install the 3 options. The installation requires about 1gb.

  3. Open the Ruby Command Prompt with administration privileges and issue the following commands.

$ ruby --version
$ ruby 2.6.5p114 (2019-10-01 revision 67812) [x64-mingw32]
$ gem install travis
  Downloads and installs even more files.
$ travis --version
$ 1.8.10
$ travis encrypt --help
  1. In GitHub at your plugin, pick the upper right dropdown> Settings> Developer Settings> Personnal Access Tokens

  2. Now make a new token named "git-ptoken-<your plugin name>-travis" and copy and save the auth-token code.

  3. Next encrypt the GitHub Personnal Access Token for travis using the Ruby/travis Command prompt.

$ echo <my github personnal token for squiddio> | travis encrypt -r rgleason/squiddio_pi --org
and the response was
Please add the following to your .travis.yml file:
secure: "<a travis encryption key that did not match my original key>"
Pro Tip: You can add it automatically by running with --add.
  1. Copy the encryption key and use it in your travis.yml file