Codacy:Automate code quality

Automatically identify issues through static code review analysis. Get notified on security issues, code coverage, code duplication, and code complexity in every commit and pull request, directly from your current workflow.

Standardize your code quality. Track your quality evolution. Get actionable results. Fix issues quickly.

Free to opensource developers using their github account.

Petri’s [Canne] comments about Codacy with Plugin DashT:

Those guys have collected static analysis tools I’ve used individually for year - they are the most accepted ones, too - with a good integration to GitHub, it is a priceless tool. Not later than today it found a really stupid pointer problem in my new code which would have caused a core dump sooner or later. Thank you,! Nice to get an e-mail which says you are a bummer…​ I deserved it!

.DashT! I like it. It is a very good, really good code base now. I did

maybe 5% new code, the rest was assembling, cleaning, testing, cleaning, testing…​ Now it has a quality I can accept. Hopefully others could profit from my work, too, in the pure FOSS (Free and Open Source) way!