Updating the User Manual

FIXME - DO AFTER MIGRATION - This page needs to be continued and brought up to date. Also confirming that the manual has been updated with all from Release 4.1.1301 (4.2) Changelog forward to version 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5! A relatively big job requiring updates to the User Manual from v4.1 thru 4.5. This work will have to be done after migration. Also all the plugin documentation needs review, update and improvement. ---">Rick Gleason 2016/12/27 12:30

The user manual aims to correctly describe all features of OpenCPN that directly affect users. To do this it’s essential to keep track of the beta development and discussions.
Of course there are issues of style, language and other things as well, but here we concentrate on the technical issues.

This is the way I’ve done it so far. First a quick and dirty scan to mark those issues that require a documentation change. See below. These are marked with a "*". All points referring to FS# then require checking the FS# issue to reassess if a change is needed.
1 clearly needs a change as this is a new feature with user configurations.
#13 does not require a change as it’s a bugfix that makes O behave as reasonably expected.
#37 is not straight forward and requires study of FS
and the patch to see if a documentation change is needed.
…​and so on.
Once the change is done, I mark each issue with a "" as well. So when the changes required by: "*1, Implement configurable waypoint range rings (FS#1560)", is done it will look like this.
*1. Implement configurable waypoint range rings (FS#1560)".

Making the changes requires a thorough understanding of the issue, gained by testing O and reading everything that is available, including the code, even if you’re not a C++ coder, as there are often valuable comments in the code. If this is not enough ask the developers, until everything is clear.

Tracker Search (Flyspray) FS#xxxx Register and Login to Tracker
  1. From the main window, Upper Right corner.

  2. Find Show Task ID# * - Enter the FS# - Hit* enter

  3. The search will be on ALL tasks, closed and open.


Looking again at all the changes, one big thing that is not instantly obvious, is that OpenCPN now badly needs documentation for Android users.
- Rgleason 1-40 done

*1. Implement configurable waypoint range rings (FS#1560) -updated screenshot, added txt
#*2. Implement configurable NMEA Talker ID (FS#1557) -Screenshot connections-output-filter.
#*3. Harmonize autopilot APB and XTE precision settings to be the same always. - Made note in connections
4. Improve 2-bells audio file. (FS#1673)
5. Correct to disable selectability of hidden AIS targets. (FS#1666)
#*6. Grib: Add Fixed spacing option for arrows and numbers. -updated many screenshots. added txt
7. Grib: Correct data interpolation error at 180 E/W longitude.
8. Grib: Improve email request dialog to allow requests crossing 180 E/W longitude.
#*9. Correct dialog text for magnetic variation sense. (FS#1694) -modified text updated screenshot
#*10. Add extended AIS Aton rendering according to IEC6228_Ed2. -added symbols to manual
11. Make initial page selection on options dialog more consistent in GTK.
12. Correct ENC UWTROC, OBSTRN, WRECKS visibility in Base and Standard modes. (FS#1717
13. Correct uninitialized member causing crash on DSC message with incorrect checksum(FS#1697)
14. Correct to ignore DSC messages with "Unspecified" position (FS#1711)
15. Correct VERCCL and VERCOP height decode and rendering on ENCs (FS#1704) Thanks TransmitterDan
#*16. Correct to ignore invisible marks on selection/query (FS#1670) -noted under Marks.
17. Correct keyboard accelerator logic for WXOSX (FS#1698/1655
18. Correct RouteProperties dialog to "Stay on top" for WXOSX build (FS#1698)
19. Correct help launcher on wxWidgets 3.x. (FS#1702)
20. Correct uninitialized variables (FS#1679)
21. Correct for "GD=" missing datum in KAP chart header. (FS#1683)
22. Correct depth unit display for BSB charts with KNP/…UN=METRIC (FS#1654)
23. Correct cm93 failure to show some soundings on keyboard pan (FS#1689)
24. Correct automatic route creation properties on MOB event (FS#1699)
25. Improve toolbar tooltip placement for right-located toolbar. (FS#1657)
26. Correct datum initialization for quilted non-WGS84 charts in OpenGL mode. (FS
27. Correct occasional linux focus loss (FS#1684)
28. Preserve visibility attributes for GPX files originating from OpenCPN (FS#1667)
29. Improve formatting of S57 object attributes as decoded (FS#1713)
30. Correct ENC SENC file creation math for ARMHF systems.
#*31. Implement quilting of skewed raster charts in OpenGL mode. -note at top of Quilting
#*32. Implement manual/timed automatic toolbar hiding option. -note made under Options UI
33. Update Windows build tool to VS2103
34. Update Windows wxWidgets version to wx3.0.2
#*35. Implement automatic reload of updated PlugIns by visiting options→Plugins screen. -Added Re-enable to Plugin Install & Enable
#*36. Improve GUI for GRIB PlugIn, better fitting the small screen. - New screenshots uploaded + Hide data.
*37. Correct duplicate routepoint delete logic, (FS#1743) - bug in logic, requires no change to docs.
38. Correct for inadvertent waypoint dragging on double-click (FS#1748)
39. Correct route line width in selected and activated modes. (FS#1735)
40. Correct ownship predictor rendering when ownship is off-screen (FS#1754)

Version 4.1.925 Beta
- Rgleason 41-61 done.

41. Improve RouteManagerDialog sizing and rotation behavior. (FS#1757, FS#1755)
42. Correct DC mode HPGL vector symbol rendering with wxGraphicsContext active.
43. Correct quilt operations on highly zoomed skewed quilt regions.
44. Correct shutdown process to avoid accessing PlugIn chart orphans.
45. Correct AIS target age logic when DST is active (FS#1809).
46. Correct rotated clip region calculation when using depth-buffer clipping. (FS#1801) -Serge closed for Baikal, I assume it is fixed. No doc changes.
47. Fix Grib Particle Looping (FS#1794) - Nice fix!
48. Correct XML Changes file handling on crash restart and point dragging. (FS#1824, FS#1785)
49. Correct console canvas location for alternate compass layouts. (FS#1851) #notexist. no effect on user
50. Correct OpenGL options "accelerated panning" initial value.
51. Implement greatly improved mipmap generation algorithm using SSE intrinsics where available.
52. Improve cm93 zoom logic to show more detail where desired, especially small islands in a big sea. - nice!
53. Correct chart group logic for similar chart file location prefix. (FS#1060) thanks tDan
54. Improve OpenGL raster cache build time by optimizing progress dialog updating. Thanks, did-g.
55. Add filter string control to NMEA debug window. Thanks Sean.
56. Add support for mingw compiler on Windows.
57. Correct rendering of TSS arrows in DC mode (FS#1858)
58. Correct CenterView dialog text edit control behavior on Windows (FS#1765)
59. Correct textual description for AIS Target Status 11 and 12 (FS#1848)
60. Correct waypoint icon selector dropdown size on MSW (FS#1815)
61. Correct initialization of UserIcons ownship preference. (FS#1769) thanks Peter.

OpenCPN Version 4.1.1022

  • WDkester - Changelog 63-77 Had 1 change (70).

    1. Correct and extend Raster Chart PlugIn API for revised OpenGL access methods.

    2. Correct active track rendering logic to Ownship.

    3. Correct cm93 region and detail level calculation logic around Longitude 0.

    4. Correct longitude grid text rendering on OpenGL.

    5. Correct occasional loss of toolbar during mode switches and dialog access.

    6. Improve sectored light rendering performance on Windows OpenGL systems.

    7. Correct Vector chart PlugIn rendering methods.
      #*70. Implement GUI scale factor for toolbar effective on all platforms.

    8. If specified, require NMEA checksums to be valid before sending sentences to PlugIns.

    9. Correct initialization of Polyconic charts without embedded georef coefficients (FS#1866)

    10. Modify AIS SART target acknowledge timeout policy to honor global ACK timeout (FS#1856)

    11. Correct AIS Target Query dialog sizing logic

    12. Correct Grid text formatting for "degree" symbol (FS#1870)

    13. Extend PlugIn API for Waypoint list access.

    14. Correct Dashboard context menu actions when multiple dashboards are defined.

OpenCPN Version 4.1.1108
- Rgleason reviewed, no additional changes needed to UM.
#*78. Add Follower/Buddy to MMSIEditDialog to suppress AIS alert. -Thanks Hakan, changes made to UM.
79. Correct occasional loss of reduced toolbar on chart stack change. Thanks, Chuck.
80. Correct memory corruption on high overzoom DC mode raster chart rendering. (FS#1885)
81. Correct memory leaks on SENC file creation. -thanks bdbcat!
82. Improve AIS Alert Dialog sizing algorithm. - does not change UM.
83. Suppress some unnecessary log error messages on exit.
84. Correct polyconic & transverse Mercator chart outline calculation method. (FS#1882)
#*85.Correct operation of Anchor Information hotkey ("A") in vector chart display. Thanks nkiesel…
86. In Responsive mode, set basic toolbar tool and compass size to 6 mm nominal.
87. Correct chartbar switching behavior on touch enabled configurations.
88. Re-enable install log on MSW Installer Package.
89. Correct toolbar submerge grabber logic in various cases. Thanks, Chuck.
90. Refactor to allow building with USE_S57=OFF (FS#1903)

Release 4.1.1301
-Rgleason reviewed 91-105, UM changes as below. -may need to add some files to o-portable.
*91.Correct config file location for portable (-p) operation.
-Rgleason, checked installation. -May need to add some files for v4.1.x
92. Fix uncompensated skewed chart display. (FS#1904) Thanks Chuck.
93. Correct cm93 quilt logic in OpenGL for some especially complex situations.
94. Correct rendering of disjoint, large scale S57 cells.
95. Implement mag variation calculation at object location if WMM is available. -nice Pavel
#*96.Update Authors list, adding Didier Gautheron.
97. Correct Windows Generic GDI OpenGL driver initialization.
98.Improve DUSK/NIGHT color presentation by eliminating bright decorations.
99. Correct display of very long routes (FS#1896) - cutoff fixed.
100. Implement scaled icons for Settings top icons in responsive mode.
101. Handle NMEA V4 messages with prepended tags.
#*102.Re-enable ability to add a single chart to a group.
103. Improve initial responsiveness of Option dialog.
104. Modify OpenGL texture logic to support non-compliant MSW "GDI Generic" driver.
105. Implement ScaledVectorGraphics (SVG) interface for tools and icons.